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All New Homes To Have Electric Charge Points By Law!

New laws will make it mandatory for all new builds to be fitted with electric charge points – saving drivers up tp £1,000 per year

Government plans to support low-emission drivers and encourage commuters to switch to electric cars. 


Could be saved yearly in fuel for residential charge point owners compared to those who rely on public charging points.


free electric car charging charge points will be brought to fuel stations across the UK by December 2019. 

Transport Secretary Chris Grayling said: “With record levels of ultra-low emission vehicles on our roads, it is clear there is an appetite for a cleaner, greener transport.

“Home charging provides the most convenient and low-cost option for consumers – you can simply plug your car in to charge overnight as you would a mobile phone.”The Government has already taken steps to ensure that existing homes are electric-vehicle-ready by providing up to £500 off the costs of installing a charge point at home.

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