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Top 5 used electric cars!

the popularity of electric cars is on the up and we have the top 5 used electric cars that will fit into your budget! 

Electric cars are a great way to maintain our personal mobility while also reducing emissions and pollution when compared with standard diesel/petrol cars. 

1. Nissan Leaf

With the Nissan Leafs being some of the cheapest electric cars on the market at the moment, it also comes with some great benefits such as a battery guarantee with free replacement once capacity drops below 75%, as well as unlimited roadside assistance.

2. Volkswagen E-Golf 

The appeal of a standard Golf with all the benefits of an electric car, wrapped up in a conventional-looking five-door hatchback with the same smart, spacious interior as a normal Golf.

3. Tesla Model S 

One of the more widely known electric car companies, Tesla has a reputation for making th most desirable electric cars. The S model offers space and luxury executive saloon, put together with the practicality of a hatchback and, of course, the vast performance of a powerful electric motor.

4. BMW i3 

This car stands out from the crowd whilst maintaining its functionality. Its large interior is more than you would expect given its compact size. It is terrific to drive, with excellent handling and fast acceleration, which puts it ahead of similarly priced electric cars. 

5. Hyundai Ioniq Electric 

What is fantastic about this car is the 5- year warranty that comes along with it, something many competitors will not match. Granted, it isn’t sparkling to drive, but it is perfectly acceptable, and it’s comfortable too. It’s also very practical, with five seats that offer a decent amount of space, and a good-sized boot. What’s more, you get lots of equipment to play with.

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