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Scotland Takes The Lead

Scotland set to be the most prepared for the upcoming boost in electric car technology with recordings of having the best charging stations to vehicle ratio across the nation.

They are set to install more electric charge points with a recent boost in funding. 

Over 1000

electric charge point stations have been recorded in Scotland since 2011.

Further £7.5m

of funding is set to be received for electric car infrastructure in a massive green energy drive.


The North East of England is also benefiting from this infrastructure with a recording of a charge point to every 3.79 cars, making it the second-best region in the UK. This is due to the governments Go Ultra Low City Scheme, which gave them a £5m investment.  

Ultra-Low Emission Zones in London also meant a high score for this region with just under 4 cars per electric charging point, after a large investment across urban regions. 

Coming up next with a 4.65 and 5.21 cars per electric charge point, is Wales and the North West.

The worst region recorded was the West Midlands, as it was revealed they have a shocking 17.4 cars per electric charge point.

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